What is OEM battery?

OEM also calls “original equipment manufacturer”. OEM battery means the manufacturer produce the battery according to the designer requirement.

It refers to the manufacturer’s battery production according to the needs and authorization of the original factory and according to specific conditions. All design drawings, etc. are completely manufactured and processed in accordance with the design of upstream manufacturers, which is OEM to put it bluntly. At present, major brand hardware manufacturers all have OEM manufacturers, which means that the products are not produced by the original brand manufacturers, but are produced in cooperation with a processing factory, and the products are branded with their own products. Compared with selling products based on brand value, OEM products generally appear. In the low-end products of first-tier brands.

We also can understand OEM as OEM production. It was first popular in developed countries such as Europe and the United States. It is a game rule for large international companies to find their own comparative advantages, which can reduce production costs and increase brand added value. In recent years, the computer hardware of major first-tier brands and even second-tier brands has generally been OEM. Only the vast majority of mid-to-high-end products are technically confidential and are produced by brand merchants themselves. However, most of the first-tier brand manufacturers have strict control over product quality, so the OEM manufacturers selected by the first-tier brands are mostly second- and third-tier manufacturers with certain strength, which does not necessarily mean that the OEM products are poor. There are some differences more or less, so everyone is more keen on the original products.

What is ODM battery?

ODM also means Original Design Manufacturer.

It are companies that create new product designs and specifications based on product idea briefs provided by customers. In most cases, ODMs also manufacture products that they design, and customers put their names on the products and sell them in the marketplace.

For example, if you are an electronic equipment manufacturer. ELB help to design and produce batteries that meet specific size and charging and discharging requirements for your equipment. ODM batteries also include product design, production, and complete after-sales.

In the case of ODM, customer need to set enough parameters and framework. And the ODM needs to design a battery that meets the requirements for this.

Difference between Batteries ODM and OEM

Briefly. ODM means that customers put forward requirements, and manufacturers design and produce lithium batteries according to the requirements. The OEM is the solution provided by the customer. And the manufacturer only needs to be responsible for the production of lithium batteries.

ODM = “Design + Production”

OEM = “Production”

Where I can find the best OEM battery manufacturer

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