Lithtech Energy is a lithium battery factory which pays attention to the investment in scientific research and technology. The annual R&D investment accounts for 15% of the annual turnover, and the R&D personnel account for 30% of the total number of people. Currently, it has more than 60 intellectual property rights, including 3 international invention patents, and participates in the formulation of 2 industry standards. Product innovation The technology industry continues to lead.
Lithtech Energy在美国、德国设立海外分公司,并在全球多个地区设立物流仓库,为全球客户提供快捷、周到、专业的服务。
Lithtech Energy专注于成为最值得信赖的储能系统解决方案集成战略合作伙伴。



12V / 24V LiFePo4 Battery Designed for RV, Camper



48V LiFePO4 Battery Pack for home



Commercial Battery Systems, 10ft, 20ft container,Micro Grid ESS



Server Rack type communication base station battery pack



Marine Power System, Waterproof battery pack, Power / Energy Storage Usage



All kinds of scooter, motorcycle, lawnmower batteries with lithium technocologies.



Transform your vision into reality with our bespoke lithium battery solutions – contact us today to get started!


LiFePO4 Battery Pack Manufacturing Process

  1. Cell Testing and Assembly: Receive and rigorously test lithium cells for performance consistency, then assemble them into modules according to design specifications.
  2. Connection and Welding: Install copper bars and use precise laser welding to ensure strong, conductive connections between cells.
  3. Protection and Monitoring Installation: Attach voltage collection wires and install a Battery Management System (BMS) to monitor and protect against operational risks.
  4. Encapsulation and Aging Test: Secure internal components with encapsulation for enhanced durability and conduct aging tests to ensure long-term reliability.
  5. Final Inspection and Storage: Perform comprehensive quality checks and store the approved battery packs, ready for distribution.

Excellent Services of Lithtech

We Provide Tailored Solution for each customer:

  • Customized Solutions: We offer bespoke battery configurations tailored to individual needs, whether for commercial, industrial, or personal use, ensuring optimal performance and compatibility with various applications.
  • Expert Technical Support: Our team consists of experienced professionals who provide in-depth technical assistance and troubleshooting, ensuring that all your queries and issues are resolved quickly and efficiently.
  • Extended Warranty and Aftercare: We provide one of the industry’s longest warranty periods, coupled with comprehensive aftercare services that include regular maintenance checks and performance evaluations to extend the lifespan of your battery.




I recently upgraded my RV’s battery system to the 12V 100Ah lithium battery and couldn’t be happier. The battery’s weight is surprisingly light, making installation a breeze, and its performance has been stellar. I’ve noticed significant improvements in durability and charge retention during my cross-country trips. Highly recommend for anyone looking to make their travel setups more efficient and reliable!

John Carter / Facebook

We installed the 48V home ess last month as part of our home solar setup. The battery integrates perfectly with our existing panels and provides enough power to handle our daily energy needs effortlessly. It’s comforting to know that we are contributing to a greener planet while also reducing our electricity bills.

Susan Thompson / Facebook

Flatsome 的整体使用非常非常有用。它缺少的东西(如果有的话)也很少!我喜欢它并创建了我的第一个网站 Punsteronline.com!最棒的是,Flatsome 获得了免费更新,非常棒! (而且支持也很棒!:)

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  1. Coverage Duration: Our lithium batteries come with a 5-year limited warranty covering defects in materials and workmanship.
  2. Claim Process: To file a warranty claim, contact our support team with proof of purchase and a description of the issue.
  3. Warranty Exclusions: This warranty does not cover damages resulting from misuse, unauthorized modifications, or external causes such as accidents.
  4. Remedy: Valid claims will either be repaired, replaced, or refunded at our discretion, based on the assessment of the defect.
  5. Support and Assistance: For any warranty-related inquiries or assistance, our customer service team is available to ensure timely and effective support.

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FAQs for Lithium Battery

When selecting a lithium battery, consider its capacity, voltage, and size to ensure it meets your specific requirements. Additionally, review the battery’s life cycle rating to gauge its longevity and check if it comes with a Battery Management System (BMS) for safety and performance optimization.

Lithium batteries can operate in a range of temperatures, but extreme conditions may impact their performance and lifespan. Most lithium batteries function optimally between -20°C and 60°C. For extreme conditions, look for batteries specifically designed for high or low temperature operation.

Store lithium batteries in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and heat sources. Maintain them at a charge level of 30% to 50% if they will not be used for an extended period. It’s also crucial to check the charge periodically and avoid leaving them fully charged or discharged for long durations.

LiFePO4 batteries (lithium iron phosphate) are renowned for their safety, as they are more stable and less prone to thermal runaway than other lithium-ion types. They offer longer lifespans, better thermal stability, and are environmentally safer, but typically have lower energy density compared to lithium cobalt oxide batteries.

The lifespan of a lithium battery is typically measured in charge cycles, with many offering between 1,000 to 3,000 cycles before their capacity diminishes significantly. The actual lifespan depends on usage, charging practices, and operational conditions. Proper maintenance can extend the battery’s effective lifespan.

  1. Lithium batteries are more environmentally friendly compared to traditional lead-acid batteries due to their longer lifespan and efficiency. They are also generally recyclable, reducing their environmental footprint. However, responsible recycling and disposal are essential to mitigate environmental impacts.



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