What is battery module?

Battery module

Battery module are intermediate products between battery cells and battery packs. We can understand a battery module when multiple battery cells are package together in the same housing frame. And connected to the outside through a uniform boundary.

Cells, batteries modules and battery pack are different forms of batteries at different application stages. The smallest of these units is a battery cell, several cells can form a module. And several battery modules can form a battery pack by adding a battery management system ( BMS ).

Why use battery modules instead of directly using cells?

Battery module
Battery module
  • Usually, the voltage of the battery pack of an electric vehicle is very high, which requires more batteries. So the battery modules are usually composed of battery cells in series and parallel. If there is a problem with one battery, it will render the whole battery unusable. And it is very troublesome to replace the battery in this case. Therefore,the design in the form of a battery modules to effectively avoid the situation where one cell broken and the entire battery pack cannot used.


  • Designing the form of the battery pack can modularize and standardize the entire battery. It can effectively improve the overall structural strength, improve the heat dissipation efficiency, and reduce the risk of thermal runaway.


  • Standardized modules, which can facilitate the advantages of standardized production and installation and fixation. Modular production, easy to weld, module transportation, improve production efficiency. And improve the structural strength between cells, and have good vibration resistance.

How to make battery module?

Battery Module
How to make battery modules

In this video, they show the detail methoud that how to make battery modules.

What role does the battery modules play in the power system?

As has been noted, the battery modules is the intermediate state of the lithium battery pack. Several modules plus a protective plate can form a battery. The battery modules has the function of supporting, fixing and protecting the cells. But the modular design is convenient for transportation. Facilitates battery cooling. Improve production efficiency and improve the structural strength between cells.

How long does battery module last?

Battery module
Battery modules

For normal usage, you can calculate it by yourself,

Generally, Using time = Battery capacity/battery output power.

For example,

If you discharge a 100Ah lithium battery with a 20A output power, the using time is 100Ah/20A=5 hours finally.